The company produces the line of oil called: Gocce di Natura ORTICE, obtained by the same name native monocultivar.


The olive picking process, even if facilitated by mechanical aids, is entirely manual so to preserve the highest integrity of the fruit. The freshly picked olives are stored in containers with holes, in order to ensure proper ventilation of the fruits and avoid principles of fermentation that would alter the final product. The grinding of the olives takes place in certified oil mills within eight hours from the picking and the oil is obtained with a continuous-cycle cold extraction process.

All the phases of the mills (FRANTOIO) work process are monitored by touch screen computer: in this way we check the temperature and speed of each work phase, in order to give the desired organoleptic characteristics.














The oil is stocked in special stainless steel tanks emptied of air,  placed in ventilated rooms  kept at a constant temperature, in order to preserve the quality of the product.

It gets bottled only upon reception of orders.



The Azienda relies on the expert advice and support of a seasoned team of agronomists and it participates a series of programs issued by the European Community, a prestige that guarantees the Traceability of the extra-virgin olive oil (CSQA international traceability code: TBNT3, in compliance with UNI EN ISO  22005:2008).The Azienda produces certified biological extra-virgin olive oil (by Icea, code:  IT BIO 006 T1429) from 2012.